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Amplifier Strategies

Sr PAAS Product Designer

Amplifier Strategies
July 1, 2015
December 31, 2015

Problem Statement

The BRAC Poverty Reduction Program was paper based, and needed a scalable white-label PAAS solution which optimized analysis, modeling and cohort success rates.


  • Design and deploy a PAAS framework to capture participant data, and visually represent trends.
  • Ensure more participants can successfully complete program with fewer errors in less time.
  • Enable data collection and visualization to model future cohort success rates.

Design Research

  • Travel to Bangladesh and conduct Contextual Interviews with administrators and participants.
  • Deployed an optimized component library in line with brand and engineering best practices.
  • Created high level journey map from preliminary discovery.
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During research in Bangladesh I documented paper based system before converting it to a design system.

Design Process

  • Sketched solutions with PM in the field, iterated on journey map and wireframes upon review.
  • Created multiple interactive prototype models in AXURE.
  • Authored thorough wireframe architectures for multiple user agents.
I created journey map and all related wireframes in Sketch.

Successful Outcomes

  • Deployed MVP of crucial NGO tool for eliminating poverty.
  • Increased plan efficiency by reducing both program time and participant costs.
  • Current successful PAAS platform available here.


UX Director + Design System Architect

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University of California, Berkeley
BA Interdisciplinary Studies
The New School - Parsons
MA Media Studies + Design
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