Success Study:

Senior UX Design System Architect
April 1, 2009
October 30, 2011

Problem Statement

Product and Engineering teams lacked a cohesive style guide and component library, negatively impacting sprint efficacy.Overall team productivity was down, we were spending too much time fixing recurring bugs and duplicating engineering effort.


  • Reduce duplicate work and make valuable sprint time more productive
  • Author first ever company styleguide at speed and scale
  • Make overall process more efficient, productive and humane.

Design Research

  • Interviewed all senior stakeholders to find out what is wrong
  • Summarized findings into project scope definitions
  • Organized timely project milestones, review sessions, meetings.
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I authored all iterative preliminary design assets and reviewed them with team.

Design Process

  • Met regularly with design and product team to evaluate progress.
  • Regularly posted progress for review.
  • Curated final specifications into final pdf.
I authored all final design specifications for engineering.

Successful Outcomes

  • Reduced repetitive UI bugs and improved sprint burn down rate.
  • Improved morale overall by delivering simple design guides and cultural reference points.
  • Created scalable design framework at scale.


UX Director + Design System Architect

415 926 1935



Coaching, mentoring, guiding, volunteering, vocalizing, optimizing, critiquing, collaboration, organization.


University of California, Berkeley
BA Interdisciplinary Studies
The New School - Parsons
MA Media Studies + Design
(currently completing online 2022)


MeetUp Organizer
Toastmasters San Francisco