Success Study:

RWD SF MeetUp Group


RWD SF MeetUp Group
January 1, 2013
February 18, 2021

Problem Statement

SF lacked a MeetUp group devoted to inviting speakers to discuss RWD methods, tools, stories.


  • Present events related to topic on regular basis
  • Pass knowledge on to the community
  • Help people find jobs, fill roles.

Design Research

  • Formally create group and open it for all to become members.
  • Study how group grew over time and hosted first event.
  • Chilled out from there really.
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I organized popular UX related events with Sandjis Ruluks, Mark Otto, Kristian Widjaja, Vlad Magdalin.

Design Process

  • Kept chilling out, hosting regular meetings every two months or so depending on speaker availability.
  • Constantly reach out to potential guests and hosts to work with.
  • Grow a network of partners related to the success of my events and nurtured relationships with them.
Me just emcee-ing my event...

Successful Outcomes

  • Regularly received solicitations from videographers, audio engineers, corporate sponsors to scale the group.
  • Steadily grew member base to over 2500 and growing.
  • Successfully established a monetizable network.


UX Director + Design System Architect

415 926 1935



Coaching, mentoring, guiding, volunteering, vocalizing, optimizing, critiquing, collaboration, organization.


University of California, Berkeley
BA Interdisciplinary Studies
The New School - Parsons
MA Media Studies + Design
(currently completing online 2022)


MeetUp Organizer
Toastmasters San Francisco