KEVIN KEIPER  Staff Product Design Professional

Creative Lead

Photon Infotech
March 11, 2022
March 20, 2024


Photon's client Neighborly had 10+ child brands they needed to unite under a single brand identity. Manual update of all child brands was impossible, they needed a novel way to automate the creation and maintenance of all future design assets at scale and within strict budgets.


  • Unite Neighborly and it's 20+ sub-brands under a unified design system.
  • Improve Neighborly's NPS score by minimum 20%.
  • Build a novel tokenized Figma design technique to reduce future scaling tasks by minimum 75%.


  • Audit current Neighborly parent site and all child sites to discover opportunities to reduce redundancies, common component and layout patterns, and measurable token benefits.
  • Worked with Tokens tool engineer to discover best practices, relevant API integrations and performance gaps which would affect solution costs and timelines.
  • Collaborated with Neighborly product stakeholders and co-designers to design new page wireframes and site environment architectures.
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I audited all Neighborly assets including parent home page and subsequent child brand sites to determine token optimization opportunities and execution strategies.


  • I re-created the Neighborly home page structure including new sections, components and layouts to create a stable, consistent architecture which would support all existing and future brand designs at scale.
  • I worked closely with the Token tool engineer to create the optimal Tokenized design approach, geared towards reducing design time, all manual reskinning efforts, and engineering costs.
  • I used specific token naming conventions and workflows to program the Token tool to produce a dynamic switchable layout supporting the swapping of all fonts and colors for each child brand while maintaining the common page schematics.
I created a tokenized system to switch common page architectures from wireframe into all brand styled pages.


  • Results-based Mentoring
  • Relationship Journey Maps
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Strategy + Systems
  • Opportunity Definition
  • Figma
  • UX Automation Strategies
  • Consensual Leadership
  • JIRA Agile Methods
  • UC Berkeley | BA Humanities
  • THINKFUL | Front End Certificate